Asian Potstickers


Potstickers! These are going to blow you mind! Savory and sweet Asian flavors dance on your pallet as you enjoy some of the best Potstickers you’ll ever have!

I once made these for a friend to happened to be Chinese. She said they sounded good but wouldn’t be authentic. As she took her first bite, her eyes closed and she exclaimed, “OMG these are better than my mom’s!”

LOL Try for yourself and let me know what you think! Check out the Recipe here!

Cooking Intervention

Welcome to Cooking Intervention. I started this site to share some culinary basics with the world. So often we ask ourselves and our loved ones, what’s for dinner. Usually this is met with a blank expression and absolutely no idea of what’s on tonight’s menu.

Cooking Intervention’s goal is to share some amazing recipes with folks who want to learn to cook better. We specialize in American, Asian, Greek, Mexican and anything that can be grilled. We will show you “The Gift That Keeps on Giving” which is a way to utilize leftovers to construct a completely different and exciting meal!

We even offer in home cooking lessons!

Stay tuned for more info!!!

because sometimes we all need a cooking intervention